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Chasing Enlightenment is a completely independent production. If you’re enjoying the stories we’ve shared, here are some ways you can support the show!

Rate, Review,
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Please consider leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts. You can also follow us on social media and recommend the podcast to your friends!

One Time Donation

To help cover the costs of producing the show, please consider a one-time donation through our PayPal. Include your email address to receive updates and news related to the stories we’ve told on the podcast. You’ll also receive a shout-out on our social media recognizing your support, and larger donations will get your name added to a list of supporters on our website.

Recurring Donation

If you’d like to continue supporting the show on a regular basis, as well as help us produce more content in the future, please consider a monthly donation through our Patreon. Access rewards like supporter recognition and updates about the stories we’ve told on the podcast.

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