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Episode 4: The Core Group

As leader of the Students of Light, John Hanas delegated some power to his “core group” of followers. One, a woman who claimed to channel the voices of beings from other dimensions through her body, has been accused by former members of hastening the group’s slide towards a cult-like atmosphere. Another, John’s eventual wife, would become almost as revered within the group as John himself.


  • Written and narrated by Daniel Munro

  • Audio editing and production by Carolyn Smillie

  • Additional research by Robert Munro

  • Artwork and web design by Megan Hilario 

  • Voiceovers by Robert Munro and Carolyn Smillie

  • Excerpts of interviews with Cynthia Watson and an anonymous contributor


Sources consulted: 



  • Margaret Atwood, Life Before Man

  • Joanne Lindsay, Dinosaurs and Later Prehistoric Animals

  • Robert Pollock, Twenty-Five Years with Jesus



  • Affidavit of Treva Steele (supplied by Info-Cult Centre)

  • Docket Entries for United States v. Kollmar (4:19-mj-70677)

  • Royal Ontario Museum’s annual reports: 1973-74; 1976-77; 1988-89

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