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Episode 3: The Leader

The founder of the Students of Light, John Hanas, has been called everything from a spiritual master with supernatural abilities to an evil, manipulative man with a God complex. John’s former followers claim that he began as a humble leader of a loosely organized religious movement. But some claim he eventually began exerting more and more control over his followers’ lives, sometimes with disastrous consequences.


  • Written and narrated by Daniel Munro

  • Audio editing and production by Carolyn Smillie

  • Additional research by Robert Munro

  • Artwork and web design by Megan Hilario 

  • Voiceovers by Robert Munro and Carolyn Smillie

  • Excerpts of interviews with Joseph C., Lorne Dawson, Cynthia Watson, and an anonymous contributor


Sources consulted: 



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