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Episode 6: The Present

The Students of Light remain active today, although they’ve undergone a couple of name changes since their founding. While they’re still located in the Junction neighbourhood, their main businesses there have closed. Current group members believe they can communicate with John Hanas from beyond the grave. Some former members now completely reject the group’s brand of spirituality, while others live in fear of possible spiritual retaliation if they speak out against the group. 


  • Written and narrated by Daniel Munro

  • Audio editing and production by Carolyn Smillie

  • Additional research by Robert Munro

  • Artwork and web design by Megan Hilario 

  • Voiceovers by Robert Munro

  • Excerpts of interviews with Genevieve Amaral, Dror Balshine, Joseph C., Lorne Dawson, Treva Olson, Cynthia Watson, and four anonymous contributors

  • Excerpts from CBC Newsworld’s On the Line with Patrick Conlon


Sources consulted: 



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